Our 401(k) plan provides your business with simplified administration and sophisticated plan features and advantages.


We provide government plan sponsors and employees with a cost-effective, customizable and easy-to-implement retirement solution.


Designed specifically for owner-only businesses, an Individual(k) allows you to contribute through salary deferrals and profit-sharing contributions.

Cash Balance Plans

An employer-funded pension plan that includes an individual account balance for each participant. This type of plan is often used in conjunction with a 401(k) plan to maximize benefits to business owners.

Defined Benefit Pension Plans

An employer-funded pension plan designed to provide a lifetime income to participants following retirement. Also called a Defined Benefit plan.

Rollover IRAs

Single premium immediate annuities designed to convert all or a portion of a client's savings from an employer-sponsored retirement plan or IRA to guaranteed income at retirement.

Pension Plan Terminations

Single premium group annuities to help plan sponsors with defined benefit plan termination or liability carve-outs.

Employer-Sponsored Annuities

Group annuities designed to provide employees with monthly income payments upon retirement or separation from ongoing retirement plans.

Investment Philosophy

Our simplified three-step approach makes it easy to offer an investment lineup that provides choice and flexibility. Our investment options are professionally screened and backed by a selection process that helps mitigate risk.

How It Works


Select a Qualified Default Investment Alternative


Determine Investment Protection Option


Add Complementary Investment Options

Target Date Funds

A mix of investments that offer a relatively easy way for a plan participant to invest toward a specific retirement date.

American Funds Target Date Retirement Series®

  • Single manager target date approach
  • Emphasis on equities that pay dividends to better balance market and longevity risks
  • Funds are managed for 30 years after the target date due to increasing longevity
  • Based on proximity to target date, seeks varying degrees of growth, income and conservation of capital

GlidePath RetirementSM

  • Multi-manager target date approach
  • Funds managed through retirement on a glide path for 10 years after target date
  • Utilizes both active management and index funds as well as non-traditional investments

Vanguard® Target Retirement

  • Lowest cost, all index fund approach
  • Single manager
  • Managed to retirement based on approximate year employee will retire
  • Converts to income fund seven years after target date
  • All-index fund approach

Individually Managed Accounts

A retirement account that is managed by an investment professional.

Morningstar® Retirement ManagerSM

  • Online managed accounts service providing professionally managed portfolios tailored to each employee
  • Gives personalized saving rates and retirement age advice to help employees reach retirement goals
  • Available as an add-on or standalone QDIA

Stadion StoryLine

  • Personalized portfolio based on risk tolerance and retirement goals
  • Offers multiple glidepaths designed to span the target datefund industry
  • Tailored portfolio allocations and glidepaths
  • Customized for each organization
  • Utilizes Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to construct portfolios