Retirement Services

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A Simplified Selection Process


Our product fund line-up consists of institutionally priced investment options with no proprietary asset requirement. Mutual of Omaha’s Investment Manager Oversight Committee screens over 20,000 funds with the help of Callan’s and Mesirow Financial’s independent third-party analysis to help ensure your plan offers appropriate choices within each of your plan’s asset classes.

Callan Associates, Inc.

Callan Associates, Inc. provides strategic investment consulting for Mutual of Omaha's retirement-savings products. Based on extensive experience in developing investment structures for defined benefit and defined contribution plans, endowments, trusts and foundations, Callan developed a best practice model of defined contributions to help Mutual of Omaha Retirement Services determine the number and type of investment options to offer you.

Mesirow Financial Holding, Inc.

Mesirow Financial’s Fiduciary Partnership Program assists you with your fiduciary responsibility as it pertains to investment identification, selection and monitoring. The ERISA 3(21) Selection and Monitoring Service allows Mesirow Financial to give investment option recommendations, but you and your advisor make the final decision. With the ERISA 3(38) Investment Management Service, Mesirow Financial selects, monitors, and replaces (as it deems necessary) the investment options in your line-up. This provides an extra layer of protection for you, as Mesirow Financial indemnifies you for the services they perform.

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