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Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA)

Select the Right Default Investment

When it comes to Qualified Default Investment Alternatives (QDIAs), one size does not fit all, and options can differ significantly. We offer four carefully selected QDIAs with varying investment approaches so you’re sure to find one that fits the needs of your employees.

Vanguard Target Retirement Fund

  • Managed to retirement
  • Converts to income fund 7 years after target date
  • All index funds
  • Single manager approach
  • May appeal to an employee base that embraces an all-index fund approach/invest in all markets strategy.

GlidePath RetirementSM Portfolios

  • Managed through retirement
  • Continues for 20 years beyond target date
  • Access to full universe of investment options
  • Multi-manager approach
  • May appeal to an employee base that embraces a strategy that utilizes both active management and index funds.

Stadion Managed Accounts

  • Utilizes five professionally managed risk-based portfolios
  • Offers tactical management focused on downside protection
  • May appeal to an employee base that is more concerned with limiting losses in falling markets than capturing gains in rising markets

Morningstar® Retirement ManagerSM

  • Personalized savings and investment strategy
  • Ongoing account management
  • Utilizes funds selected by the plan
  • May appear to an employee base that prefers professional investment management based upon unique circumstances and outside accounts

Prior to selecting investment options for your plan, plan sponsors should consider the investment objectives, risks, fees and expenses carefully. For this and other important information, plan sponsors may obtain prospectuses for mutual funds, a sample group variable annuity contract and the annuity's underlying funds and/or disclosure documents from their Registered Representative or advisor. Read them carefully.

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