Retirement Services

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Keeping Fund Fees Low


Our customer survey results indicated that many employers don’t fully understand how fees are structured for funds in their 401(k) plan.

At Mutual of Omaha Retirement Services, we take pride in our proactive approach to achieve the lowest fees possible. This effort is led by our dedicated Investment Manager Oversight Committee (IMOC).

IMOC monitors fund options and seeks lower fees by:
  • Working with investment managers to utilize lower-cost share classes when available
  • Leveraging the strength of our relationships and the Mutual of Omaha brand name
  • Combining individual plan accounts into one combined/omnibus account for lower fees
  • Passing all account reimbursements on to our customers in the form of lower fee structures

Since 2013, the IMOC’s actions have led to savings of one to 14 basis points on many of our funds. And we’ll continue these efforts in 2016. For example, State Street Global Advisors began this year with a new price structure that resulted in reduced expense ratios for eight of its domestic index funds.

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