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Your 401(k) plan provides a valuable benefit to your employees. But if they don't take advantage of it, they're missing out on a huge opportunity. Not to mention the time and effort you commit to offering this important benefit. So to have employees not actively participate seems senseless.

We're here to help. We want employees to take comfort in knowing they have a path to pursue their retirement goals. And we also want them to appreciate the valuable 401(k) benefit you provide. That's why we offer enrollment and educational tools to help you help your employees understand retirement planning.

Many of these tools can be found on our website at In fact, the link provided at the end of this article will take you to a page with several downloadable flyers you can use with your employees. Examples include:

  • Today's Small Sacrifices: A simple illustration of how two employees, equal in almost every way, can have remarkably different savings results based on a one percent increase in contributions.
  • What's Derailing Your Retirement Savings?: A thought-provoking quick read that describes how thinking about needless expenses today can translate to thousands of dollars of retirement savings in later years.
  • Stay the Course During Market Shifts: Ups and downs in the market are inevitable. This flyer explains the importance of sticking to an investment strategy and not panicking during downturns.
Employee Educational Material
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