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REMINDER: It’s Form 5500 Filing Time!


The year-end questionnaire saves time and helps ensure your Form 5500 is completed properly before being filed.

What you should do:
  • Complete the questionnaire at your earliest convenience for timely delivery of your Form 5500
  • Before you get started, review the information provided below to make sure you know, “What to expect,” and, “What you need to complete the process”
  • Your plan’s year-end compliance testing should be finalized before completing the questionnaire (if applicable)
  • Once you’re ready, the process should only take 20 to 25 minutes
What to expect:
  • If you completed a Year End Questionnaire last year, some questions will be pre-populated with your previous responses
  • Your answers are automatically saved. If you need to exit the questionnaire before completion, the information you have entered will be retained
  • “Help” icons provide clarification and definitions to assist you along the way
  • Upon completion of the questionnaire, please print a copy for your records from the review screen before clicking the “Submit” button
    • The questionnaire is not complete until you click the “Submit” button.
    • You will need to exit out of the review screen to “Submit”
    • Once submitted, the questionnaire is no longer viewable or printable
    • Mutual of Omaha will contact you when your Form 5500 is ready for your review
What you need to complete the process:
  • The dollar amount of your plan’s fidelity bond
  • A decision on whether you would like Mutual of Omaha to file for an extension for your Form 5500. (Form 5558 will provide a two-and-a-half month extension if filed prior to the DOL Form 5500. For plan years ending December 31, 2014, the deadline is July 31, 2015. For plans that don’t have a calendar year end, please adjust the deadline accordingly)
    Please Note: If you do not file seven days prior to your plan’s Form 5500 deadline, Mutual of Omaha will automatically file an extension on your behalf.
  • The name and email address of the individual(s) at your organization responsible for signing and e-filing Form 5500
  • The name, email address and phone number of any “interested parties” who should receive notification of the completion of Form 5500. (Interested parties will receive an email notification when Form 5500 is published, but will not have e-filing rights)
Additional steps for large plans:

In general, this applies to plans with 100 or more eligible employees on the first day of the plan year.

  • Obtain the name and employee identification number (EIN) of the accountant who will audit the plan’s financial statements and the nature of the accountant’s expected audit opinion (e.g., qualified, unqualified, disclaimer, or adverse). If the accountant has changed from last year, you will need information about the previous accountant including EIN, address, phone number and the reason for making the change
  • Review the Schedule C reporting requirements with your accountant and provide us with any information that needs to be reported on the Schedule C
    Please Note: The Schedule C includes requirements for reporting direct and indirect compensation received by certain persons in connection with services rendered to the plan or the person’s position with the plan during the plan year

Take action today. At any point, Mutual of Omaha welcomes the opportunity to assist you.

If you have questions, please contact your Client Service Team at 888-917-7120.

Questions? Please Call: (888) 917-7120