Retirement Services

Underwritten by United of Omaha Life Insurance Company or Companion Life Insurance Company

Plan Level Protection

We offer simple, unbiased and transparent investment options, with no proprietary mutual funds, no hidden fees and no pricing changes if investment choices change.

Investment Selection and Monitoring

Investment selection and monitoring, including legal protection from employee claims regarding approved investment options, is offered through Mesirow Financial’s Fiduciary Partnership Program. Choose from two levels of protection:

  • Selection and Monitoring -- 3(21) co-fiduciary service that makes fund recommendations, but you make the final decision
  • Investment Management Service -- 3(38) investment manager service that selects for you, then monitors and replaces funds in your line-up, for an additional fee. You choose from four carefully screened investment guidelines based on your employee demographics

When you select the Selection and Monitoring ERISA 3(21) Service or the Investment Manager ERISA 3(38) Service, Mesirow Financial serves as an investment advisor and co-fiduciary to your plan.

That role includes undertaking specific responsibilities with respect to your plan’s investment portfolio and adding another layer of due diligence. As a co-fiduciary to your plan, Mesirow Financial indemnifies your role as plan sponsor with respect to the services it performs for you.

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