Product Information

We specialize in providing the right retirement solutions for your clients. Through extensive research, we built a comprehensive portfolio composed of only the best retirement products available. And we reward you with competitive commissions on all products sold.

Defined Contributions Plans

  • Employer-sponsored qualified plans – 401(k) and profit-sharing plans offer employees a way to save for retirement.
  • Individual(k) – Also known as a “Solo 401(k)”, it allows self-employed individuals or small business owners to enjoy tax-deferred retirement savings, with larger contribution limits.
  • 457(b) – This non-qualified deferred compensation plan is available only to state and local governments, and some tax-exempt organizations. Employers can match the employee’s contributions and also deposit money into employees’ accounts.

Defined Benefit Plans

  • Cash balance plans – A "hybrid plan" that contains features of both defined benefit and defined contribution plans. This permanent and ongoing plan is funded by the plan sponsor, who pays the promised benefit. The benefits may be paid in lump sum at retirement. This plan works in conjunction with a 401(k)/profit-sharing plan to maximize benefit to owner(s).

Retirement Income Annuities

  • Rollover IRAs – Single premium immediate annuities designed to convert all or a portion of a client’s savings from an employer-sponsored retirement, pension or profit-sharing plan or from a client’s traditional IRA into guaranteed income at retirement.
  • Pension plan terminations – Single premium group annuities to help plan sponsors with defined benefit plan termination or liability carve-outs.
  • Employer-sponsored annuities – Group annuities designed to provide employees with monthly income payments upon retirement or separation from ongoing retirement, pension or profit-sharing plans. Benefits payable under nonqualified arrangements such as deferred compensation plans, corporate buyouts and supplemental early retirement plans.

Investment options are offered through a group variable annuity contract (Forms 902-GAQC-09 or 902-GAQC-09(CT) or 902-GAQC-09(OR)) underwritten by United of Omaha Life Insurance Company for contracts issued in all states except New York. United of Omaha Life Insurance Company, Omaha, NE 68175 is not licensed in New York. In New York, Companion Life Insurance Company, Hauppauge, NY 11788 underwrites the group variable annuity (Form 900-GAQC-07(NY)). Each company accepts full responsibility for each of their respective contractual obligations under the contract but does not guarantee any contributions or investment returns except as to the Guaranteed Account and the Lifetime Guaranteed Income Account as provided under the contract. Neither United of Omaha Life Insurance Company, Companion Life Insurance Company, nor their representatives or affiliates offers investment advice in connection with the contract.